8 Episodes

"I don’t believe in separating people into strong and weak, heroes and useless. Each of us has enough of both parts. Real guru is you, I am simply the "messenger" with which to help you receive, maybe open, or accept, integrate "the message".
What you think is what you get! Reinventing the body, Resuscitating the soul!


YULI is vibrant, intuitive, energetic, reliable, curious, adventurous.
Witness observer attitude, meditation in movement.
• Facilitator in Dharma yoga, Hatha Raja, Power yoga, Wheel yoga, Aerial yoga.
• Guide and companion in Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Pranayama.
• Peak Pilates Mat & Studio instructor.

  • Yoga Wheel for Beginners

    This detoxifying yoga class is full of twists, which helps with digestion, constipation, and bloating.

  • CYOGA: Wheels and way to the "scorpion"

    The style and sequence are from CYOGA created by magnificent Carmen Aguilar! I was very lucky to practice in their workshops and an honor to be a model / practitioner for their online training programs. In fact on 06/01 a new one will start! Take advantage of!

    In Cyoga you will not find Vinyasa ...

  • Yoguilates. Strong, Steady, Calm.

    This Class is for Beginers, Intermediate and advanced. 49 Minutes in Length. You will practice the following. Enjoy this wonderful class.

    - Tai Chi style warm-up
    - Sun Salutations
    - Standing Strength
    - Balance
    - Hip openers
    - Core - Abdominals
    - Core - Back
    - Twist
    - Forward Bends - Hamstrings...

  • 20 Minute Power Vinyasa

    For all levels of practitioners. A great way to either begin the day or end it.

  • Neck, shoulders & upper back tention relief

    For all levels, this exercise will help you release all the tension in your shoulders.

  • 10 Min Splits Engagement

    This is a short ten minute class with Yuli focused on achieving greater flexibility.

  • 10 Min Splits Engagement (No Music)

    Find the core exercises to build upon the fundamental building blocks. medium intensity.

  • Peak Pilates Classic Flow

    Today there are many ways to practice the Pilates method.
    We can say that the original left by Joseph Pilates refers to the classic. From here many other ways of practicing it have arisen that can be considered as: Contemporary Pilates.
    The classic method or Peak Pilates is a physical and mental ...