Spanish Editions

  • Power Vinyasa Flow (in Spanish)

    Vinyasa Flow 30 minute energizing class where we will heat up and activate the core, arms, and legs. This short sequence is focused on working the full body to improve strength, flexibility, and resistance while synchronizing each movement with the breath. All levels are welcome.

  • 15 Minutes Gentle Morning Flow (In Spanish)

    This 15-Minute Morning Flow class will leave you feeling energized and ready to take
    on the day! I guide you through various asanas and soft stretches, just remember to
    connect to your breath and synchronize it with your movements.

  • Vinyasa 40 min(Español)

    A 40 minutes sequence of Vinyasa Yoga for all levels with some options for everyone
    to enjoy the practice. Listen to your body and focus on your breathing. You can
    combine this practice with other sequences or with other physical activities.

  • 20 min Yin Yoga (Español)

    Release tension in your body and mind and work on your flexibility with this short
    sequence of yin yoga created with deeply restorative postures. Practice this
    sequence to end a workout or a stressful day.