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  • Lina Jureviciute

    1 season

    Hey!!! I'm Lina, Lithuanian born, adventuring around the globe with my yoga mat, currently based in beautiful Barcelona. Yoga found its way to my heart 8 years ago. It was a hatha vinyasa class that caught my attention and since then my yoga mat became my safe place. My practice wasn't as consist...

  • Betsy Reed
    1 season

    Betsy Reed

    1 season

    Betsy is originally from Wyoming in the USA. She grew up playing competitive soccer, racing mountain bikes, hiking, cross-country skiing and spending as much time outdoors as possible - preferably at high altitude. After living in Scotland, then London (where she taught in several top yoga studio...

  • Prenatal flow with Amy Wu

    The goal of Amy's Class today is the gentle flow of Prenatal Yoga. increase your blood flow and stretch within your boundaries.

  • Alexandros
    1 season


    1 season

    Alexandros was following what seemed like a conventional path to becoming a Human Rights lawyer, with studies in England, France, and Belgium, and professional and volunteering work experience all around the world. Through Yoga, he found passion, was reminded of the meaning of life, and knew he h...

  • Beginner Yoga Class with Ro Karlsson

    The perfect video to start your yogic journey!

    Ro approached Yoga out of curiosity more than seven years ago by the hand of her first teacher, with whom she practiced traditional Hatha Yoga. Eventually, she became interested in sharing her experience in the practice and began to offer classes wi...