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  • Lina Jureviciute

    1 season

    Hey!!! I'm Lina, Lithuanian born, adventuring around the globe with my yoga mat, currently based in beautiful Barcelona. Yoga found its way to my heart 8 years ago. It was a hatha vinyasa class that caught my attention and since then my yoga mat became my safe place. My practice wasn't as consist...

  • Betsy Reed
    1 season

    Betsy Reed

    1 season

    Betsy is originally from Wyoming in the USA. She grew up playing competitive soccer, racing mountain bikes, hiking, cross-country skiing and spending as much time outdoors as possible - preferably at high altitude. After living in Scotland, then London (where she taught in several top yoga studio...

  • Vicky Flow II

    Join Vicky in this vigorous type of yoga that methodically synchronizes the breath and gaze through a sequence of postures. Power yoga produces a strong internal heat that detoxifies both muscles and organs for improved circulation, flexibility, a strong body, and a calm mind to accompany it.