Bryant Caprirolo

Bryant Caprirolo

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Bryant Caprirolo
  • Fusion Yoga with Bryant Caprirolo

    Episode 1

    “We come to yoga for so many different reasons, and whatever that may be for you, physical, mental, just know that all those reasons are valid and we come together to practice. The actual meaning of yoga means, unity, so here we all unite, we share our energy and inspire each other…” ~ Bryant

  • Fusion Yoga with Bryant Caprirolo II

    Episode 2

    “Yoga is this marriage of the mind, the body, and your spirit."

  • Fusion Yoga with Bryant Caprirolo III

    Episode 3

    "It takes a lot to get here some times. It takes so much, whether it be it's hard to wake up, or maybe you are feeling blue or under the weather, or the hectic morning you just had, or just that you have so many responsibilities just to get here. So take comfort that that accomplishment can now b...