4 Episodes

Alexandros was following what seemed like a conventional path to becoming a Human Rights lawyer, with studies in England, France, and Belgium, and professional and volunteering work experience all around the world. Through Yoga, he found passion, was reminded of the meaning of life, and knew he had discovered a new platform and science through which he could be of service.

Now, with over a thousand hours of Yoga training and over a thousand additional hours of Yoga teaching under his belt, Alexandros promotes a safe practice that applies ancient and modern traditions to his students' current realities, so they may impersonate the Health and Happiness that constitute their very right and responsibility by virtue of their birth..

  • Alexandro Power Yoga

    A very vigorous type of yoga that methodically synchronizes the breath and gaze through a sequence of postures. Power yoga produces a strong internal heat that detoxifies both muscles and organs for improved circulation, flexibility, a strong body, and a calm mind to accompany it.

  • Beginners Class with Alexandros

    Alexandros has been practicing and teaching for over 14 years, well versed in the technics of Yoga. In this class he helps to educate students on the initial poses. Enjoy!


    Alexandros is from Cyprus, teaching and training in Barcelona for the last 6 years. Currently at Glow Yoga Studios Barcelona

  • Beginner Flow with Alexandros

    Whether you're a true beginner or looking to brush up on basics, this class has you covered. Work up a sweat and learn proper alignment through this quick but efficient beginner flow!